The NRC Playbook

Local Government Playbook of Strategies

Now that you've conducted a survey with National Research Center, Inc. it's time to put those results to work.  This Playbook of Strategies provides you with recommendations on how to move forward.  You'll find informational articles that will help with creative thought processes as you draft new plans, see how other governing organizations have used their results and have access to downloadable, do-it-yourself toolkits to get you started.


The Six E's of Action

NRC researchers have identified six kinds of action that can be considered as response to your citizen survey results: The Six E's of Action.  This guide follows each type of action to give you the most robust set of resources possible.  For each E of Action you will find the following: 


-Strategic Planning-

Every organization plans. Some plans happen on the fly when meetings seem to be veering off track but in most...


-Cultivating Connections-

Modern government might be better viewed as a social network rather than “the cockpit from which society is...


-Community Outreach-

Education and outreach are essential elements for strengthening and extending the work of local...


-Resource Allocation-

By “earmark,” we simply mean “use resources.” Those resources could be finance, personnel or facilities but...


-Implementing Policy-

One of the greatest strengths of local government is its ability to shape communities using policies and laws...


-Performance Measurement-

The concepts of “learning organizations” and, more recently, “data driven communities” have been...

The Local Government Playbook of Strategies is provided by National Research Center, Inc. (NRC).